What is Parenting Education? Who Provides Parenting Education?

What Is Parenting Education?

Parenting education is a process of providing knowledge and skills that parents need to fulfill their role. Parents learn how to establish and maintain a close, nurturing, emotional bond with their children and to foster healthy cognitive, physical and social/emotional development in their children, teaching the information and skills that children need to thrive. Parenting education aims to help parents develop confidence and competence in their parenting role.

Parenting education can be delivered in a variety of modalities including in-person classes and workshops, online formats, individual counseling and coaching, facilitated groups, home visiting, or books/blogs/newsletters/magazines/websites written by qualified professionals.

Who Provides Parenting Education?

Parenting educators may come from any of the following professional fields:

  • Parenting education
  • Family life education
  • Parent coaching
  • Family life coaching
  • Social work
  • Family science
  • Psychology
  • Marriage and family therapy
  • Nursing and other medical professionals
  • Education 

. . . and other family service and mental health  providers.

Since parenting educators come from varied backgrounds and fields, one should determine that those offering services are trained specifically in working with parents and not just offering “parenting advice.”