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What is NPEN?

National Parenting Education Network (NPEN) is a professional organization for educators who provide parenting education as a primary part of their work. Our members include parenting education professionals, researchers, program administrators, and others striving to build the field of parenting education.

NPEN is a national organization with local, state, and national resources and support networks.

What is NPEN's Mission?

NPEN seeks to represent the interests and needs of the many professionals, paraprofessionals and volunteers who serve as parenting educators. Through the organization, we seek to increase recognition and catalyze growth in the field of parenting education.

Our stated goals are to provide:
  • Information Sharing: (1) To facilitate and encourage the sharing of and discussion about ideas, resources, practices and any other information relevant to parenting educators and (2) To consolidate and/or make accessible research-based information and resources on parenting education.
  • Professional Development: To help parenting education practitioners build their skills and the profession by addressing issues that transcend disciplinary and regional boundaries such as professional identity, ethics, standards and certification, training and accessibility.
  • Networking: To facilitate contacts among practitioners and organizations involved in parenting education in order to increase their effectiveness in supporting parents and families.
  • Leadership: To provide national leadership in the field of parenting education among professionals, policy makers, media and the public.

What are NPEN's Core Beliefs?

NPEN believes one goals of parenting education should be to provide access to parenting education resources for all parents. We recognize that parenting educators are embedded in a variety of organizations and fields, all of which are important to supporting parents. We embrace the principles of embeddedness and inclusivity.

Who Can Join NPEN?

NPEN membership is open to anyone in the field of parenting education who supports the principles of NPEN. Visit our Membership page for more information.

How Can I Get Involved?

NPEN is working on many issues and projects that could use your help, expertise, and organizational affiliation. First and foremost, NPEN needs you to become active in the issue or project that is closest to your heart. There are a number of opportunities for your active involvement in NPEN Committee work

How Do Individuals and Organizations Benefit from NPEN Membership?

Opportunities to:
  • Connect with other parent educators
  • Learn about other parenting education initiatives around the country
  • Participate in promoting and building the field of parenting education by becoming a member, joining one of NPEN’s committees, and working on projects of interest
  • Access the website and forum to help you stay connected with others in the field
  • Learn about and get more involved at the local, state, national and/or international level

Does NPEN Offer Professional Development Opportunities?

Yes, there are opportunities to connect with other members and to share resources and training activities through the forum and website.

NPEN also offers webinars specifically for parenting education professionals (rather than parents), focusing on topics related to the work of supporting families.

NPEN Board members routinely offer workshops through the National Council on Family Relations and the National Association for the Education of Young Children.

What is the Membership Fee?

The cost for individual membership is $50 per year and organizational membership is $200 per year. Visit our Membership page for more information.

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