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Conference Program

Thanks to the following presenters for helping make our inaugural conference a success!

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Conference Program

Individual Presentation Objectives PDF

The following presentations were offered
(alphabetical according to presenter):

Beyond the Book: Supporting Parent Educators’ Knowledge Attainment in Diverse Literature to Promote Shared Reading Time for Parents with Young Children
Presenter: Dana D. Booker, Ph.D., Senior Lecturer - University of North Texas

Normalizing and Encouraging Universal Parenting Education
 Samantha Gray, MA, CAHPE, Parenting Program Coordinator for Appalachian Promise Alliance

Parenting Creatively: A Powerful Guide for Parental Decision-Making
Presenter: Yu Jiang, Director of Parenting Education at FamilyKind, MN Licensed Parent and Family Educator, NYSPEP Certified Parenting Educator

Use of Evidence-Based or Evidence-Informed Parenting Education Programs in the Real World
Presenter: YaeBin Kim, Ph.D., Child Development Specialist - University of Nevada-Reno

Infusing Positive Psychology in Parenting Education
Presenter:  Debbie Kruenegel-Farr, Ph.D., Owner-Flourishing Families, Author of E.N.R.I.C.H. Your Relationship With Your Child, NPEN Board Chair

Legacies of Love - Cultivating Family Connections
Presenters: Stacy Lappin, M.Ed., Director of BELONG Partners; Roshaé Lowe, Facilitator of BELONG Partners; and
Regina Elmi, Executive Director of Supporting Partnerships in Education and Beyond (SPEB)

Parenting Educator Competencies: Enhancing Skills for Professional and Paraprofessional Parenting Educators
Presenters:  Sandra McClintic, Ph.D., CFLE Emeritus, Texas Woman's University; Betty Cooke, Ph.D., University of Minnesota Family Education, Adjunct Faculty; and Lorna Durrant, Ph.D., CFLE, Assistant Professor, University of Tennessee-Chattanooga, Child & Family Studies Program

The Glows and Grows of Racial Justice and DEIB Work
Presenter: Dr. Ebonyse Mead, CFLE, President of the Educational Equity Institute/Instructor

Sweet Dreams: There is More to Sleep than Rest
Presenter: Kerri Nachlas, Certified Newborn Care Specialist; Pediatric Sleep Consultant

Exploring the Parent Cafe Model: Learning Through Meaningful Conversations
Presenter: Rebecca Parlakian, Senior Director of Programs at Zero To Three

Educational Adventures at Home
Presenter: Yogi Patel, Trainer for the Positive Discipline Association; Founder of Transformation Through Empowerment

Navigating Grief Together: Strengthening Educator-Parent Connections
Presenter: Teresa Phelps, Certified Grief Recovery Specialist

Innovative Approaches for Engaging Families in Schools
Presenters: Sahba Rohani, MA; Executive Director of Roots ConnectED and Brandi Forté, M.Ed, Program Developer and Project Manager of Roots ConnectED

Parent Education is an Opportunity to Address the Most Common Form of Family Violence: Sibling Aggression
Presenters: Tanya Rouleau Whitworth, Ph.D.; Research Scientist for the Sibling Aggression and Abuse Research and Advocacy Initiative (SAARA) at the Crimes Against Children Research Center, University of New Hampshire and Corinna Jenkins Tucker, Ph.D., CFLE; Director of the Sibling Aggression and Abuse Research and Advocacy Initiative (SAARA) at the Crimes Against Children Research Center, University of New Hampshire

Recognizing Parenting Educators Through Licensure
Presenters: Ellen Taner, MA, CPE; Michelle Berscheid, Ed.D., Licensed Parent and Family Educator; Eve Sullivan, John Jeffers, LCSW

The Critical Importance of Caring for the Caregivers
Presenters: Michele Thorne, Co-Founder of Care 4 the Caregivers and Dr. Gabrielle Ficchi, Ph.D., LPC, CRC, Co-Founder of Care 4 the Caregivers

Family Check-Up Online: An Accessible Parenting Tool for Serving Caregivers
Presenters: Julia Tienson, LCSW and Jen Hoskins, LCSW

Exploring Maternal & Paternal Parenting Styles
Presenter: Neil Tift, Parenting Educator

Vaping, Nicotine, and THC: Helping Parenting Educators Prepare Parents for Teen Drug Trends
Presenter: Aaron Weiner, Ph.D., ABPP, MAC, immediate past president of the Society of Addiction Psychology

Micro-Moments in Parenting: Cultivating Resilience and Connection One Step At a Time
Presenter: Mary Willcox Smith, Author, Parent Coach/Educator, Founder of The MicroStep Method™

Guiding Co-Parents Through Challenges, Chaos, and Conflict
Presenter: Dollnita M. Winston, MSW, Certified Parent & Marriage Coach / Speaker / Author

A huge thank-you to our sponsors!

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The National Parenting Education Network (NPEN) operates through the lens of equity and justice. We know the importance of social justice (racial, economic, educational, health, housing, employment, criminal, and environmental), diversity, equity, inclusion, access, and belonging within the parenting education field and our organization. We demonstrate our commitment to these realities by ensuring that our membership and leadership roles are open to parenting professionals of all ethnicities, socio-economic statuses, ages, abilities, religions, sexual orientations, nationalities, genders, and marital statuses.  

Children learn about a just society through the words and actions of their parents, caregivers, and others.  We assert that our anti-racism and anti-oppression parenting education and family advocacy work allows everyone to be heard and supported. Our work includes promoting diverse parenting educators and parenting education in our media, webinars, member communications, leadership opportunities, networking, conferences, trainings, and advocacy. By keeping racial justice, diversity, equity, inclusion, access, and belonging at the forefront, we create an environment within NPEN that supports parenting educators, parents, and caregivers, thereby, encouraging children’s healthy growth and development.

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