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Parenting Educator Competencies Toolkit

Help us spread the word about NPEN and parenting education

Be a part of the promotion of the Parenting Educator Competencies by sharing information about this valuable document with colleagues and friends in the field. Below are some materials to get you started. If you have questions, or would like additional information, please don't hesitate to contact us at 

Email template

Share the Parenting Educator Competencies document with those in your network using this email template.

Sample social media posts

Copy and paste the Facebook messages below to let your friends and colleagues know about all this important document has to offer. Check out and share more messages about the competencies from the NPEN Facebook page.

Do you:

> train parenting educators,
> employ parenting educators, 
> work as a parenting educator?

Do you have the Parenting Educator Competencies:  A Resource Document for the Field of Parenting Education?  

To use the competencies in your work, access the document at:

Help us spread the word about the Parenting Educator Competencies by sharing this post with your colleagues and friends in parenting education.

As a Parenting Educator, are you taking stock of your knowledge, skills, and competencies?

The Parenting Educator Competencies: A Resource Document for the Field of Parenting Education can assist you in doing a self assessment.

Take a look at this model. Where do you feel you are strong? Where do you feel you could improve? 

Use the competencies to improve your abilities as a parenting educator.

The goal of parenting educators is to help people become effective parents in the context of their families. Successful families are interconnected with other people including those in their family and community.

Parenting educators share strategies on communication skills, realistic expectations for everyone in the household, and managing the responsibilities of daily living when raising children.

To learn more about the competencies of parenting educators, click here for the Parenting Educator Competencies.    

Parents juggle many roles with their children. Parenting educators show parents how these roles overlap when time is focused on children. Parents can be teachers, play partners, and guides all in the same moment to nurture their child’s growth.

To get more specifics on the roles of parents, click here for the Parenting Educator Competencies.  

Thank you for what you are doing to promote our organization and the value of parenting education in your community!

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