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Parenting Educators’ Learning Cafe Webinars

Here are just some of the benefits of our monthly webinar series: 

  • Webinars are FREE with NPEN membership.
  • Each one is tailored specifically to parenting education professionals (rather than parents), focusing on topics related to your work supporting families. 
  • The interactive format provides an opportunity to connect with other professionals in the field. 
  • Participation certificates are available to submit to professional licensing boards for CEUs.
  • NPEN members are encouraged to share their expertise as a webinar presenter. 
  • Ideas for webinar topics are generated by NPEN members.

FREE for NPEN members!

Because many organizations charge for webinars, attending just one or two webinars will actually pay for itself. And, you’ll get all the additional benefits of being an NPEN member, as well!


Previous webinars include:

  • Helping Parents Navigate Their Children's Gender Identities
  • Sexual Behavior in Children & Teens — When to Really Worry
  • Creative & Effective Networking Strategies for Parenting Educators
  • Creativity in Action: Using the NPEN Parenting Education Competencies
  • Adapting Parenting Education During COVID: The Minnesota ECFE Experience
  • Parenting Education Amid Pandemic
  • Integrating Diversity into Parenting Education Practice
  • Reflective Supervision and Consultation for Practitioners
  • Improving Paraprofessional Parenting Educator Effectiveness through Training
  • Parenting: A Lifelong Process
  • Helping Parents Raise Caring, Courageous Kids
  • What is Infant Mental Health — and How Can Learning More About It Help You Be a Better Parent Educator?
  • Preparing Tomorrow's Parents Today
  • Transitioning Back from the Pandemic: Sharing Tips and Plans
  • “Beyond Chutes and Ladders: Helping Parents Incorporate Board/Card Games Into Their Family Life”
  • "Parenting Education for Parents Experiencing Divorce, Separation or Unmarried Co-parenting"
  • "Tips for Finding Trauma-Informed Supports"
  • “Resources to Support Paraprofessional Parenting Educators”
  • “What really are evidence based parenting education programs?”
  • “Helping Parents Explore Their Children’s Use of  Screens in a Covid World”
  • “Sleep Issues: Safe Sleep, Co-Sleeping, and Sleep Training”
  • “Discussing Discipline: Beyond Timeouts, Spankings, and Correcting Behavior”
  • “Playing it Safe: Why Parents Need to Learn About Firearm Safety, and How to Lead the Discussions Respectfully and Inclusively.”
  • “To School or Not to School? That and Other Questions Facing Parents This Fall”
  • “Responding to Current Issues That Affect Parents: Using Parenting Education to Address COVID, Race Issues and Beyond.”
  • “Getting Started in the Field (Once You Are Trained)” 
  • “Using the NPEN Competencies to Develop and/or Assess Programs for Educating Parenting Educators”
  • “Expecting the Unexpected: Grandparents Raising Grandchildren”
  • “Promoting Mother-Child Relationships Using Innovative Service Delivery Methods with Dr. Barry Zuckerman”
  • “What Unique Professional Development Issues Do Parenting Educators Face?”
  • “Is Your Parenting Program Up To Snuff?”

Recordings of past webinars are available to NPEN members.


©2024 National Parenting Education Network


The National Parenting Education Network (NPEN) operates through the lens of equity and justice. We know the importance of social justice (racial, economic, educational, health, housing, employment, criminal, and environmental), diversity, equity, inclusion, access, and belonging within the parenting education field and our organization. We demonstrate our commitment to these realities by ensuring that our membership and leadership roles are open to parenting professionals of all ethnicities, socio-economic statuses, ages, abilities, religions, sexual orientations, nationalities, genders, and marital statuses.  

Children learn about a just society through the words and actions of their parents, caregivers, and others.  We assert that our anti-racism and anti-oppression parenting education and family advocacy work allows everyone to be heard and supported. Our work includes promoting diverse parenting educators and parenting education in our media, webinars, member communications, leadership opportunities, networking, conferences, trainings, and advocacy. By keeping racial justice, diversity, equity, inclusion, access, and belonging at the forefront, we create an environment within NPEN that supports parenting educators, parents, and caregivers, thereby, encouraging children’s healthy growth and development.

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