The NPEN committees draw from NPEN Council members and other NPEN members. If you are interested in joining a committee contact us.

Committee Members

Chair: Sherri Boles-Rogers

Members: Anne Clarkson, Harriet Heath, Rebecca Parlakian, Jean Rogers, Wagenesh Zeleke

Communication and Social Engagement Committee

GoalDevelop NPEN as THE premiere, “go-to” source for information and resources about the field of parenting education.


  1. Enhance and organize the NPEN website to include a range of resources (meeting NPEN’s established criteria) available to parenting educators and others interested in accessing information about parenting education.

  2. Utilize multiple networking avenues, including web-based, print, radio, and other media, to connect with others.

  3. Maximize the use and functionality of the listserv and Forum, website, and social media platforms.

  4. Create and send a quarterly NPEN newsletter to NPEN members.

  5. Use media platforms, including social media, to promote and advance parenting education.

Committee Members

ChairEllen Taner

MembersMeg Akabas, Jená Bellezza, Michelle Berscheid, Donald Campbell, Harriet Heath, Lisa Krause, Michele Ostafy, Eve Sullivan, Kay Williams

Policy & Advocacy

GoalBroaden NPEN’s leadership role in advocating for recognition of parenting education as a profession and for the normalization of parenting education.


  1. Encourage participation in parenting education throughout the family lifespan.

  2. Raise awareness among decision makers and the general public about the importance, effectiveness, and scope of parenting education.

  3. Develop and implement a media communication plan that encompasses various mediums for advocating in the public for parenting education policies (op-ed pieces, letters to the editor).

  4. Advocate on behalf of parenting educators for sustainable funding mechanisms and policies.

  5. Develop partnerships with organizations (e.g. state parenting education networks/groups/associations, local/state/national government entities), national systems, and businesses.

Committee Members

Chairs: Irena Glover

Members: Sandy Kraus, Jessica Russell, Sherece Shavel

Networking & Membership

GoalStrengthen NPEN’s role as a key networking vehicle for parenting educators and others who focus on areas related to NPEN’s mission.


  1. Develop and implement a recruitment plan to increase NPEN membership.

  2. Improve and streamline membership system components including intake of new members, maintaining database, and renewal notification.

  3. Increase participation by NPEN members in supporting NPEN’s mission (e.g. by working on committees, being active on the NPEN Forum and listserv, sustaining membership, utilizing and disseminating NPEN resources).

  4. Connect with parenting educators, parenting education organizations, program providers, and institutions where parenting educators work (e.g. agencies, academic institutions).

  5. Increase NPEN’s presence at local, state, regional, and national conferences.

  6. Enhance NPEN’s branding.

Committee Members

Chair: Jody Johnston Pawel

Chair of PE Competencies Work Group: Betty Cooke

MembersDana McDermott, Harriet Heath, Glen Palm, Judy Wolf, Amy Alamar

Chair of Diverse Roles in PE: Judy Wolf

Members: Stephanie Jones, Sandra McClintic, Mary Kay Stranik, Lorna Durrant, Gayle Hart

Professional Preparation & Recognition

GoalEstablish NPEN as the leader in setting professional standards in the field of parenting education.


  1. Promote and collect feedback on Parenting Educator Competencies: A Resource Document for the Field of Parenting Education.

  2. Develop competency list for paraprofessional parenting educators and a manual/guidelines for agencies and programs using paraprofessional parenting educators.

  3. Update and maintain a matrix of existing professional recognition systems.

  4. Create a template for states/organizations to use to develop their own professional recognition system.

Committee Members

ChairValerie Wajda-Johnston

MembersMeg Akabas, YaeBin Kim


GoalEnsure sustainability of NPEN over time by increasing human resources with the addition of new members to the NPEN Council through the nominating process.


  1. Increase Council membership to maintain diversity (cultural, ethnic, gender, economic, geographic and professional) to advance fundamental issues of inclusion and equity and an appropriate size.

  2. Prepare a slate of new members annually to fill vacant slots on the Council and fill the positions of officers of the organization.

Committee Members

Committee MembersCommittee not currently active

Financial Resource Development

GoalEnsure sustainability of NPEN over time by increasing financial resources.


  1. Obtain funding for specific projects/activities.

Committee Members

Members: Betty Cooke, Glen Palm, Mary Kay Stranik

Advisory Panel

GoalRecruit, inform, and consult with the Council on issues and history.

View: NPEN Advisors