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John Jeffers

Retired Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Owls Head, ME

John is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. As a family therapist and community organizer, John developed and led parenting education programs throughout Virginia and Maine. He trained parenting educators. In 2017, he retired from full-time employment. Currently, he provides family-based consultation for maintaining social connection and independence in families disrupted by mental health crises. His volunteer work includes assisting families accessing social services when confronting major health challenges. Through his work in several communities, he supports the roles of grandparents as they provide and support primary childcare responsibilities. He recognizes the impact of grandparenting in the lives of LBGT+ children and teens.

John and his wife live on the coast of Maine. They are the parents of three and the grandparents of six. In the forest behind their house, John is creating a place of adventure for their grandchildren.

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