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Harriet Heath, Ph.D

Psychologist, Author, Parent Educator, Winter Harbor, Maine

Harriet Heath, Ph.D.,  is a licensed developmental psychologist, school psychologist, infant masseur, parent educator, mother of three and grandmother of eight. She is the founder and director emeritus of the Parent Center at Bryn Mawr College. Her parenting program, Parenting Creatively, aims to help parents feel more confident about the decisions they are making and more competent in carrying them out by focusing on the parents’ values and providing the information and skills they need. She has worked with parents whose children range in age from newborn to young adulthood and in many settings, including public and private schools in the United States and overseas, religious and social service settings. Participants have come from multi racial and economic backgrounds. She is currently running parent/infant drop-ins for the Women’s Health Center in Milbridge, ME and facilitating virtual parent discussion groups.

Harriet’s work in parenting led her to investigate how people learn to care. Her experiences teaching caring in schools and other settings gave her the background for writing the curriculum, Learning How to Care, which teaches elementary and middle school students how to care by their learning what is involved in being a parent.

Her research is part of her husband’s longitudinal study of maturity, following the development of exceptional men and women from their college years into their sixties. She has looked at the effects of parenting on parents as well as analyzing the parenting process itself. Harriet Heath is the author of innumerable articles, pamphlets and books including  Plan How to Get to Where You Want to Go with Your Children and Using Your Values to Raise Your Child to be an Adult You Admire. Harriet was one of the founders of the National Parenting Education Network.

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