Where to Find a Parenting Educator or Parenting Education Program/Resource

There are several ways to find parenting education in your community.

The most common and easiest way to find parenting education resources is to ask friends or professionals in the field such as teachers and pediatricians.

Other places to inquire about parenting education programs are community agencies such as:

  • religious organizations
  • courts
  • public and private schools
  • libraries
  • mental health providers
  • public health and social services departments
  • University Cooperative Extension programs
  • hospitals
  • senior centers
  • family resource centers
  • businesses and employers
  • professional affiliate groups

Parents now, of course, also have the option of searching the internet. Look for information about available parenting programs in your area, search topics concerning a specific need, go to a community or faith group’s website, or find a parenting blog. In general, searches can be for: “parenting education,” “parenting education classes online,” specific ages of children, or specific issues.

Finding a professional parenting education provider or resource can be daunting at first but it will quickly become exciting as you discover ways that meet your preferences. In most communities, one can find a wonderful range of choices.

If no parenting education resources are available, reach out to NPEN.org — https://npen.org/about-npen/contact-us — and we’ll do our best to guide you in advocating for or finding available parenting education.