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The Aftermath

Hello, subscribers and allies in the work.  I hope I am not rushing this, and allowing enough respectful time to pass.  Not that we will ever forget.

Heartfelt thanks to all of you who have posted comments, suggestions, recommendations and helpful guidelines following the tragedy in Newtown.

We all have our opinions and feelings about such horrific happenings.  Of course there are specific issues, like guns and mental health which seem to be at the core of most comments from here and all over.  Barbara may be the only one who has mentioned the possibility of the deep rooted violence in our society.  Others have referred to it in passing.

With great hesitation, since I don’t like to toot any personal horns on this listserv, I would like to at least offer you some foods for thought in two essays I have written in past newspaper columns which have now been converted into essays in a new book collection, The Incredible Importance of Effective Parenting: Plain Talk About Raising Children From a Concerned Field Worker. I humbly invite your reading and thoughts to our website and the direct link to these essays.  It is not a blog but if you care to respond please do either here or on the noted address in the website.   I’m not pasting them here, because they are a bit longer than usual posts and I don’t want to scare you away.  The last section of the second essay deals with how we might think about being with our children at such time times as these.

Thanks for your consideration.  Here is the  link.  or you can go to and the link is on the home page.

May you have Happy Holidays and a wonderful New Year.

Jim R. Rogers

1 Comment to “The Aftermath”
  1. Greetings Jim (and All), I am thrilled that you have been able to bring your life’s work into a book that I’m sure is wonderful! I sincerely hope that this organization does not jump down your throat for “tooting your own horn.” I value learning from everyone and that includes knowing who is publishing and speaking. We’re all doing it out of a spirit of service. I applaud those who have found diverse ways to work in their communities and also have found ways to reach out to broader audiences. My doctoral advisor told me long ago “if you stick your head above the crowd, someone is sure to shoot at you. This is a diverse organization and I celebrate that!

    Happy holidays!

    Joan Comeau