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Social Media as a Good Thing

Dear NPEN-ers,

Did any of you see this Kansas City Star article

With the headline: Parents Overwhelmingly See Social Media as a Good Thing ?

I saw it because my son who is a Tweeting maniac sent me this link, a blog post commenting on the KCS article:

Your thoughts? How does the issue of children’s use of social media and screen time in general come up in your work with parents?



P.S. I got a letter in USA Today yesterday, horray. Let me know – offline – if you would like me to send it to you. It was a comment on their story about Silicon Valley mothers saying they can ‘have it all’ (high stress entrepreneurship and raising a family), written in response to the Atlantic article by Anne Marie Slaughter who returned to Princeton, leaving a top State Department job, in order to have more time with her teenage sons.

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