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~Dear All,

This took a while. ‘Good things come to those who wait’ – that phrase is from a whiskey ad, actually – and i’d rather think that good things come to those who work. We worked hard to get this letter written, submitted and now accepted. I want to thank my coauthors: Mary Crowley, Barbara Evans, Kerry Fair, Ruth Freeman, Howard King and Cindy Knapp, especially Howard King who wrote one last inquiry to the editor and it got his attention. My almost three-year-old grand baby Cora says triumphantly, when she gets to the top of the jungle gym, ‘I did it!’ In this case, it’s ‘We Did It!’

Our comment begins . . .

“We are writing as parenting educators to invite you – pediatricians and other medical and mental health care professionals – to begin, or continue, a dialogue about the services we can each best provide to parents in the interest of our common goal: promoting the health and well-being of children, young people and their families….”

See our full comment: entitled: ‘Well parent’ services can complement ‘well child’ visits

And read the full Clinical Report: entitled: “Psychological Maltreatment”

The article’s abstract begins: “Psychological or emotional maltreatment of children may be the most challenging and prevalent form of child abuse and neglect. Caregiver behaviors include acts of omission (ignoring need for social interactions) or commission (spurning, terrorizing); may be verbal or nonverbal, active or passive, and with or without intent to harm; and negatively affect the child’s cognitive, social, emotional, and/or physical development.”

We have lots to do, don’t we!?

I send my best regards to all of you, the 500+ members of our wonderful listserv, on a lovely fall day or maybe it’s a late summer day, in Cambridge,


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2 Comments to “Pediatrics Posted Hibbard”
  1. Eve and all,
    What a fantastic piece of work! Extremely well written and clearly making a point for parent education collaborating with pediatricians for healthy family care. Thanks for your hard work and dedication to our field.
    You are all truly an huge asset to NPEN & all parents,

    Connect with me on Facebook for free parenting advice and fun!

    Ann Corwin

  2. Deepest thanks and appreciation to all of the authors of this piece — and to Howard for getting the editor’s attention. Very well written and comprehensive, and excellent food-for-thought for our New York State Parenting Education Partnership discussions about working with pediatric offices. I believe pediatricians, like early care and education programs, are critical allies for reaching parents from a strengths and health-promotion perspective on parenting education, as opposed to deficit, “you must be doing something wrong.”

    Chris Deyss