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I know that some in this group won’t agree with me, but I encourage all to engage in a dialogue on this topic if you have an opinion.  I’m also open to intellectual discussion that can take a position to help me see a valid differing point of view.  I can often be heard saying, “Help me see the another’s point of view,” and, “I can see how that might help a parent in need.”

Many parent educators don’t like to judge other programs and they accept all parent education with open loving arms.  I, on the other hand, prefer to focus on the quality of the program and do take issue with concepts within a program that can create more issues than what the parent started with.  I get many requests to endorse other parent educators’ work or books, and I decline more than I accept.  I have several programs in mind that fit this bill, and I often find myself with parents in my parenting classes that come to me for help with challenges created by guidance and suggestions they learned in other programs.

I suppose that if the only training available in a particular family’s geographical area is one of these programs that contains some misguided information or advice, it may be better than not having any education or help at all.  I’d like to hear the opinions of anyone else on this topic.

Bill Corbett

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