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moral development and more questions

Hello NPEN friends,

Am thinking about developing a webinar for parents about children’s moral development. Any suggestions about:
Best classic resources?
Best evidence based resources?
Web based resources?
And while I am on the subject, any suggestions about resources that help us parenting educators come into the new social networking world and effective webinar design. (I know these are two different topics.) I am having opportunities to deliver webinars to over 100 participants at a time and finding I need new ways of engaging folks when we are just talking by phone. Also feel like an enormous source of information is cut off then I can’t observe participants’ responses. Thoughts? Suggestions? Best practices for those of you who have experience with this format?

OK, I know I have actually brought up three different topics in the email (moral development, social networking and webinars) and I usually try to be more organized when I reach your inboxes, but all this rain is seems to be giving me a little cabin fever! Thanks for your indulgence as always.

Kindest regards,
Ruth Ettenberg Freeman

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