Member Communication

A benefit of NPEN membership is the ability to share parenting education resources on our forum, private Facebook group, or request to share on our public Facebook page. We have created this decision tree to help you navigate any questions you may have about information sharing on the NPEN Forum and/or the Private Facebook Group.

Participants are expected to respect the views of others in all online conversations, regardless of how different the others’ views are from their own. Expressing opposing points of view can be done with consideration for the feelings of others. In order to provide a safe space for everyone, use of profanity or derogatory comments is not acceptable.

After taking a look at the decision tree, if you have a question about the appropriateness of a posting that you would like to make to NPEN’s online spaces, or if you have a comment or complaint about a posting that was made, please use the contact form.

NPEN reserves the right to remove individuals from the list who continue to detract from discussion by violating list netiquette.