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Magazines for Parents

Hello colleagues – I provide “lunch and learn” seminars at a big insurance company here in Hartford, CT. I have been asked by their Wellness Center for suggestions about magazines for parents. They already have a subscription to “Parenting.” Any other magazines you would suggest that are helpful for parents? Thanks.

Ruth Ettenberg Freeman, LCSW

3 Comments to “Magazines for Parents”
  1. It’s now an online magazine with a print on demand feature, The Attached Family by API a huge bonus is this one is free, or Mothering Magazine also now only online. I like how both provide things that some of the mainstream major media mags don’t. Personally I’ve always found some of the parenting mag’s like “Parenting” to be to heavy on add’s not enough helpful info.

    Patricia Mackie

  2. I suggest Family Fun Magazine. Though not a magazine that focuses on parenting issues they do focus on activities that can be used to build relationships. I think that building relationships is the most important part of parent-child interactions.

    Barbara Harvey

  3. The best Canadian magazine WAS Today’s Parent but they seem to have dropped their best parenting writers (Hoffman, Pitman, Bennett, Lynn) who actually teach parenting and have credentials. I was told that the magazine is focussing not so much on parenting best practices advice, but on fashion, home style and the consumerism of parenting. Their new featured parenting expert actually advised wrongly in the magazine, against the Canadian Pediatric Society’s recommendation to breastfeed up to age two and beyond, saying that breastfeeding a two year old fostered dependency. What hogwash. Good thing young parents don’t read magazines anymore…
    For Canada, I would recommend Canadian Parents or ParentsCanada.

    Warm regards, Judy