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I agree Gary!  One of my goals this year is to promote Certification in Canada and whenever the media interviews me, I will ask them to quote me as a “Certified family life educator”.  Here are some of my media spots if anyone is interested.  Be polite, be prompt and never complain if they “misquoted you”.

You will get a lot of local opportunity on TV, radio and print, to educate.

Have a happy holiday everyone.  I have a 21, 20, 18, 15, and 10 year old still all at home for Christmas.  I know my days are numbered when they find partners so I’m in bliss!

Warm regards, Judy

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  1. Great advice Judy.

    I agree about not complaining if misquoted. It happens. Typically, one of us misquoted is still better than most of what will be said by non-professionals.

    I would also suggest that when we – our fellow/sister educators are quoted, not to be critical of each other.

    Whatever the media, be it print, TV, radio or Internet, there is ever only so much time and space to address an issue. As such any of us will only be able to provide so much content on any given issue. Some comments are edited out and there just isn’t enough time/space for all that we might like to say. So if something is a little twisted or left unspoken, be aware that that happens – frequently. No matter what though and well on balance, we will be getting out reasonable messages with regard to good parenting and the needs of children. That’s the goal – reasonable messages.

    After the fact, it is easy to be an armchair critic of someone faced with a barrage of questions, with little time to give a thoughtful let alone pre-planned response. We need to be our own best supporters so that we can can further inroads into the media.

    So, go out there and get em’. I encourage all, with the least bit of an interest, to call their local and major media affiliates. Just let them know you are available for comment on parenting issues. The first couple of appearances, you may be nervous, but after a few, you get the hang of it.

    I am pushing some 400 appearances from local to national, US and Canadian media at this point in my career. I conduct 4 to 6 media interviews monthly on average. I started with letters to the editor in our community paper!
    Great way to take parenting education to a whole new level.
    Do I hear a New Year’s resolution?