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I am Adam’s Mother

I strongly encourage you to read this courageous and critical essay and to share it widely.

Claire Lerner

7 Comments to “I am Adam’s Mother”
  1. This was very helpful. Thank you for sharing it Claire

    Linda Storm

  2. Might read this too… This story isn’t as simple as it seems.


  3. I’m also concerned that stories like I-Am-Adam-Lanza’s-Mom encourage an association between “mental illness” and “violence.”

    Author Pete Earley noted recently in a column about his son that violence among people with psychiatric disorders is actually rare, but the stereotyping does great harm:

    A. Rae Simpson, PhD

  4. Perhaps we should concentrate on offering our condolences and concerns but only refer to resources that offer assistance to parents and professionals. It seems when we move into the social sites we may be in areas best left alone.

    Pam Langer

  5. Having lived in a community in Oregon where a high school student, Kip Kinkle, first killed his parents then several of his peers and injured others in a school shooting, I remember all the signs that were seen in retrospect. It seemed there were many missed opportunities to help him and possibly avert a tragedy. Perhaps this unthinkable event in Connecticut provides an opportunity to educate about mental illness…not as connected to violence, but because there is so much misinformation out there, and just not enough help available for children and families who need it.

  6. Claire,

    Thank you for sharing this story of what so many parents endure. As a n educator that worked in a state child care facility of children in from stage parents who deal with violently disturbed children are heavily burdened music, video games, movies, etc. We can not overlook the fact that our children are living in a society that is becoming more and more pro-violent. In fact I hate to voice this it is a point in fact Adam Lanza may not have been disturbed mentally in a medical sense. Yet, he could have suffered from an overindulged sense of pro-violence. We do not know yet.

    What is clear to me is that as professional parent educators we need to be ready to offer support to all parents. Whether that by serving them ourselves or recognizing that we need to refer them to a more experienced professional

    Barbara Harvey

  7. Parents who have children with fragile mental states can learn from this tragic event by not nurturing the love of guns, as Adam Lanza’s mother apparently did.

    Jan Faull