The purpose of the forum is for NPEN members to exchange information related to the advancement of parent education. Forum access is a benefit of membership. 

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The NPEN Forum exists for the exchange of information among its members. The forum is a place where members can raise issues, ask questions, and share resources. 

COVID-19: If you have a COVID-19 related *free* resource (for parents or parenting educators) you would like to share during this time of the pandemic, you may submit it to to be included on our members-only COVID-19 Resources page

Members report that one of the major reasons they subscribe to the NPEN forum is to stay abreast of new resources, particularly if the person posting the message has personally “reviewed” the resource and can comment on it.

The forum will best meet the needs of the membership if you, as a member:

  1. Check it regularly and contribute to the discussion as your interests and expertise guide you. You can subscribe to receive specific forum posts directly to your email so that you can reply to the post via email and follow the thread of responses for that post. Just click on the post and select “Subscribe” in the post’s header.   
  1. Share information about job listings, conference announcements, and internship opportunities.
  1. Post information about a third-party resource that you have used and give your opinion of its relevance.
  1. Post information about the existence of a resource that is relevant to a query on the forum and that will be of general interest to members. Note if you have not used the item.
  1. Have a product or service for sale that would be useful to a request for help. Respond to that person in a private email message. Do not post your response to the forum. 
    If you have developed a resource you would like to share with parenting educators, free or for sale, you may submit your resource to be included on our Resources Developed by Members page, available to members only.

We appreciate your cooperation in helping this forum remain an open, noncommercial space for discussion and sharing.  If you have a question about something you would like to post, please contact us at

NOTE: NPEN does not sponsor or recommend any resource which may be mentioned in forum posts by members.

Please let us know if you have additional questions or trouble accessing the forum, by using the contact form.