For Parents

NPEN applauds parents seeking information and skills to become more effective parents and family members. 

Parenting educators are skilled professionals who partner with parents, families, and communities, law and policy makers, and organizations to optimize family well-being. Programs in parenting education offer parents opportunities to discuss their goals and issues and to learn information, skills and approaches to parenting that will help them to more adequately nurture their children.

The following links will give you an understanding of the role parenting education can play in raising healthy families and in finding the joy in parenting.

In addition to the references cited, content for this information for parents was contributed by:

Meg Akabas, MBA, NYSPEP Certified Parenting Educator

Jená Bellezza, Indiana Parenting Institute

Michelle Berscheid, Ed.D

Harriet Heath, Ph.D

Stephanie T. Jones, MS

Michele Ostafy

Eve Sullivan, MAT

Ellen Taner, MA

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