Parenting Education Networks & Organizations

Parenting Education Networks and Organizations by State

This section of the National Parenting Education Network (NPEN) lists groups and​ ​organizations that provide professional development and networking opportunities for​ ​parenting educators within each state. The listed groups and organizations have been​ ​identified as having an active, ongoing presence in the parenting education efforts of the​ ​state, and in some cases, in other geographic areas outside the state.

The purpose of this NPEN​ ​website section is to connect parenting educators within each state and to provide information for those​ ​new to the field or a state who want to connect with other parenting educators to​:

  • ​share​ ​ideas
  • ask questions
  • engage in training and professional development
  • engage in​ ​policy advocacy activities
  • learn about possible employment opportunities.

The​ ​information​ ​provided is NOT intended as a listing or endorsement of programs or​ ​curricula.

If you know of a parenting education network or organization in your state that is not​ ​listed, yet meets the criteria for inclusion (or you see an entry that needs to be updated),​ ​please let us know.

  • The Qatar Foundation created The Doha International Family Institute (DIFI), making the support of the country’s parents, families and caregivers central to its mission []. DIFI is a global policy and advocacy organization working to advance knowledge on Arab families and promote evidence-based policies.