How do I comment on a forum topic or reply to a comment? 

Once you have your username and password, you will need to log in and click the words “NPEN Community Forum” to see the list of topics. Click on a title to access further comments on the topic.

To comment on a forum topic or ask a question, scroll down past other’s comments to the “Reply to” text box and insert your comment into the text box. Press “Submit” when you are happy with your comment.

Check the box “Notify me of follow-up replies via email” at the bottom of the page so that you can be alerted when someone contributes to your topic.

How do I know if anyone has answered my question, or posted a new topic? 

You can subscribe to a whole forum or to a specific forum topic.

To subscribe to a forum or topic, select “Subscribe” on the main forum homepage in the upper right corner.

When subscribing to a forum, you will be notified by email of any new forum topics created within this forum. E.g. If you subscribe to Teen Parents, you will be notified of any forum topics within this forum and any discussions taking place. You can respond to a forum discussion directly through the email sent to you.

To unsubscribe, select “Unsubscribe” on the forum or topic page in the upper right corner.

How do I post a new forum topic?

Click here to go to the forum page now. After logging in, scroll to the bottom of the page to enter a new forum topic or click the “post new forum topic” button in the upper right hand corner.

Topic Title – this is the title or question you wish to appear on the ‘at a glance’ list of all available discussion topics.

Body – this is an expansion of what your discussion is about/what you are asking people to discuss/what question you wish people to address.

Check the box “Notify me of follow-up replies via email” at the bottom of the page so that you can be alerted when someone contributes to your topic.

How do I amend/delete a forum topic I have posted?

Please note, you need to be logged in. To edit or delete your post, click into it by clicking on the topic heading, then click “edit”.

You can either then amend your text and click ‘Save’ or delete by clicking on the ‘Delete’ button at the bottom of the page.

How do I change a password from the one I was assigned?

Once you login, click on your name on the right sidebar. You will see your profile page. Select edit. There you can change your password, add a bio and contact info, and upload a photo.

Can I share copyrighted materials?

Members should not post copyrighted information (e.g., an extended excerpt from a research article). You can, however, post a short description and a link to an article or information available online. 

Am I allowed to post job announcements/advertisements/questionnaires/attachments/chain letters/personal messages?

Check out this decision tree to help you figure out what is appropriate to post. Job and conference announcements generally ARE appropriate. (See related document, “Community Forum Policy: Job and Conference Announcements.“) DO NOT post commercial postings, long attachments, questionnaires, chain letters, or personal messages. (See related document, “Community Forum Policy: Advertisements of Products or Services.”)

What do I do if I’m not sure I can post certain content?

If you are unsure about the appropriateness of your post, contact us.