NPEN manages a public Facebook page and a private Facebook group.

Public Facebook Page

The purpose of the public NPEN Facebook page is to communicate NPEN’s mission to the public. Anyone can view the content shared on this page. Content shared on the public NPEN Facebook page includes:

Parenting information or resources with commentary on how can be used in parenting education

  • Information related to the profession of parenting education
  • NPEN public announcements
  • Partnership information
  • Free resources related to parenting education
  • NOTE: The public NPEN Facebook page is not for promoting member classes or resources (especially for pay).  

If you are an NPEN member or member organization and would like to share an article or resource on the public NPEN Facebook page, send it to us via the Contact Us form for review.

To receive updates when content is published on this page, “like” or “follow” the page.

Private Facebook Group

The purpose of the private NPEN Facebook group is for members to consult each other on issues related to practicing parenting education. You will be asked to confirm your NPEN membership status when you request to join.

You can share opportunities for professional development and free educator resources on this page. It is your responsibility to vet the quality of these resources before sharing.

If you would like to join the private NPEN Facebook group, click on “Groups” on the public NPEN Facebook page and then complete the request to join.