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Hello NPEN friends,

During a webinar session today a parent asked if there were resources on the web that would help teach children about emotions. Specifically she was describing pictures that children could use to imagine what the person was feeling or videos that do the same. Does such a thing exist? (Yes, I know that parents and primary care givers are really the ones who can best teach EI in person.) Thanks.

Ruth Ettenberg Freeman

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  1. Hello All,

    My very capable daughter in law responded as below to Ruth’s query. I looked quickly at the second two links. The first link, to a PDF, comes up totally black on my computer (big sigh, technology not always friendly to me) so I leave it to you to consider before recommending.

    Best regards to everyone,


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    The Center for Social and Emotional Foundations for Early Learning (CSEFEL) has great resources for parents, early childhood educators, and others on their website at The parent would do well to explore the teacher kits or modules are there are lots of downloadable activities for teaching about emotions that could be used effectively by a parent as well as a teacher.

    Denise J. Brandon, PhD

  3. The Todd Parr feelings cards are really terrific for this!
    Christy Kujawa M.Ed.

  4. Carole Gesme, a parent coach and Professor at Concordia St. Paul, has developed games and other resources to help children learn about and deal with their feelings. Her website is

    Sandy Kraus

  5. Pretty much any play therapy book is going to have good games to cover these things with kids. Check out the Play Therapy Institute
    Patricia Mackie

  6. Hi Ruth,

    Great to hear from you, Ruth! Sending a big hug/smile to you…

    Teaching children how to understand their emotions and the important
    messages they are communicating, instead of avoiding, stuffing, distracting
    or disassociating from them is so important! So many children don’t learn
    this (how many of us did?). How great that parent wants to teach her child
    this important life skill.

    Here are a few resources I’m aware of:
    – A program that teaches children about their emotions:
    – A link to a print-out page with cartoon faces and the related emotions:
    – that link is on an article about the subject:

    Hope this helps!

    Jody Johnston Pawel, LSW, CFLE

  7. You can buy a $3 poster showing emotions and faces from Scholars Choice and there are games and activities printed on the back.

    Warm regards, Judy