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ALERT: Reviewers Needed for NPEN’s Parenting Educator Competencies Resource Document

Members of NPEN’s Professional Preparation & Recognition Committee have drafted the NPEN Parenting Educator Competencies Resource Document to help professionalize parenting education. We hope this document will ultimately bring consensus and greater continuity to the field while honoring the diversity that makes our professional community so rich and valuable.  We believe that some competencies in each area are essential and should be possessed by everyone who aligns with the profession. Beyond the basic competencies, there are expanding levels to the competencies. Our committee has yet to tackle this important discussion.

Before we proceed with identifying levels, we need input from YOU, our peers, and our colleagues. Please carefully review and comment on the document. We will be soliciting feedback for a period of 6 months.  We hope you will take a few minutes to contact your colleagues and invite them to do the same. Your assistance is greatly appreciated!

Instructions for reviewing the NPEN Parenting Educator Competencies Resource Document:

Please include your name, title, your area of expertise/work, and how you learned about the document.

The document is divided into 5 sections. For each section, please comment with the following:

The section is satisfactory.
I suggest the following change/s (specify change/s):
Overall comments:

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Thank you!