The NPEN committees draw from NPEN Council members and other NPEN members.

Committee Members

Co-Chairs: Ellie McCann

Members: Wales Brown, Anne Clarkson, Liz Pearce, Waganesh Zeleke

Communication and Social Engagement Committe

Goal: Develop NPEN’s website and listserv as THE sources for information and resources for parenting educators.


  1. Enhance and organize the NPEN website to include a range of resources for parenting educators.
  2. Maximize the use and functionality of the listserv.

Committee Members

Chair: Meg Akabas

Members: Michelle Bersheid, Gary Johnson, Sandy Kraus, Michele Ostafy, Ellen Taner, Jamila Taylor

 Policy & Advocacy

Goal: Broaden NPEN’s leadership role in advocating for national recognition of parenting education.


  1. Develop and implement a media communication plan that encompasses various mediums for advocating in the public for parenting education policies (op-ed pieces, letters to the editor).
  2. Raise awareness among decision makers and the general public about the importance of parenting education.
  3. Raise awareness among parents about the importance of participation in parenting education.
  4. Promote third-party reimbursement for parenting educators

Committee Members

Chairs: Sandy Kraus

Members: Kimberly Allen, Sean Brotherson, Connie Sheppard, Liz Pearce

Networking & Membership

Goal: Strengthen NPEN’s role as a key networking vehicle for parenting educators and parenting education organizations and programs.


  1. Develop partnerships with states, national systems, organizations, and businesses to increase NPEN’s networking capacity and visibility.
  2. Build partnerships into long-term relationships in order to foster identification with NPEN.
  3. Identify multiple avenues for networking including web-based, print, radio, and other media.
  4. Improve membership system components including recruitment, maintaining database, and renewal notification.

Committee Members

Chair: Judy Wolf

Chair of PE Competencies Work Group: Betty Cooke

Members: Dana McDermott, Pam Langer, Jerri Wolfe, Harriet Heath, Glen Palm, Judy Wolf, Sarah Holmboe

Chair of Diverse Roles in PE: Judy Wolf

Members: Gayle Hart,  Stephanie Jones, Sandra McClintic, Mary Kay Stranik, Lorna Durrant, Harriet Heath

Criteria Committee

Members: Pam Langer, Sarah Holmboe, Gayle Hart

Professional Preparation & Recognition

Goal: Promote NPEN as the leader in setting standards for professional development and recognition systems for parenting educators.


  1. Develop and promote a national list of parenting educator competencies based on the work of Dana McDermott.
  2. Create a national dialog about diverse roles in parenting education, including peer and paraprofessional parenting educators. Promote effective parenting education practice among practitioners in diverse roles.
  3. Develop gold-standard criteria for states to consult when developing or modifying their own parenting educator credential.

Committee Members

Chair: Dana McDermott

Members:  Barbara LeBlanc


Goal: Ensure sustainability of NPEN over time by increasing human resources with the addition of new members to the NPEN Council through the nominating process.


  1. Prepare a slate of new members equal to the number of vacant slots on the Council and fill the positions of officers of the organization.
  2. Update recruitment talking points and solicit NPEN Council again to recommend potential nominees representing more geographic, cultural and economic diversity as well as parenting education work that augments  our current initiatives (e.g. Wisconsin competence initiative).
  3. Send letters of appreciation to those going off the council. Prepare materials to provide new members of council who agree to serve in immediate future with info on NPEN as needed.

Committee Members

Chair: Stephanie Jones

Members: Meg Akabas, Barbara LeBlanc, Liz Pearce, Debbie Reilly

Financial Resource Development

Goal: Ensure sustainability of NPEN over time by increasing financial resources.


  1. Obtain ongoing funding for an administrative assistant for NPEN.
  2. Obtain funding for specific projects/activities.
  3. Investigate the feasibility of an NPEN Executive Director.

Committee Members

Chair: Barbara LeBlanc

Members: Betty Cooke, Liz Pearce

Advisory Panel

Goal: Recruit, inform, and consult with the panel on issues and history.

View: NPEN Advisors